Art of Cheese Making on Sao Jorge Island

Sao Jorge is a long, narrow volcanic island. On the north coast, the sheer cliffs of the volcanic mountain fall impressively to the sea. Its vast green fields are grazed by the countless cows that provide the milk for the island’s traditional dairy industry.

The art of cheese making on Sao Jorge dates back to the 16th-century and was possibly influenced by the Flemish settlers.


making of the famous Sao Jorge Cheese
The making


Considered to be the best in the Azores, the cheese from the island of São Jorge has gradually gained an important international reputation and is now exported to several countries.

It is greatly appreciated for the spicy flavor that it develops over time, making it the tastiest snack. Consisting of a hard or semi-hard paste between 7 and 12 kilos in weight, the aromatic cheese of São Jorge is a delight to its many aficionados. It is frequently used in cooking dishes that range from the simplest to the most sophisticated.



Queijo Sao_Jorge
The one and only Sao Jorge Cheese!



The cheese is cured for several months in rooms that are kept at a constant temperature. Its manufacturing process still follows the traditional artisans’ methods and formula and is made at many of the small farms which dot the island.

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