Azores Weather



Whats the weather / climate like in the Azores?


Thanks to the Gulf Stream, the climate of the Azores is mild all year round with high temperatures in the 60s and 70s (15 to 25 degrees Celsius).

Each island has its own climate, with micro-climates produced by the relief and geographical location. The islands benefit from a temperate, maritime climate with mild winters. However, it can get humid is and the wettest months are October to March.

Rain is sporadic throughout the day, but, if you wait long enough, the sun will shine again in a few hours or minutes. This is why the land is so green and rainbows so frequent.

azores weather range

For your comfort, we suggest dressing in layers and bringing rain gear. The temperature doesn’t drop much in the winter, but it rains frequently in the Azores. Rest assured that the fresh rain here only serves to enhance your visit!

Hottest month in the year: August with around 72ºF

Coldest month in the year: February with around 55ºF


Are you looking to swim in the Atlantic Ocean? The best month to swim in the sea it’s August with an average water temperature of 75ºF!


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