Azores Must Know Words – English to Portuguese

Just speaking some Portuguese words can help you tremendously in the Azores!


Most Portuguese people understand and speak English in the main tourist areas, however, it is important to try and speak a few words. Even if you just say “Ola” to your hotel receptionist, Portuguese people appreciate you making the effort to try and speak their language.


Essential English to Portuguese Words

  • Welcome to Portugal – Bem-vindo a Portugal!
  • This is the best holiday I’ve ever had! – Foram as melhores ferias que eu já tive!
  • Hello – Olá
  • Goodbye – Adeus
  • Yes – Sim
  • No – Não
  • Please – Se faz favor
  • Excuse me – Desculpe
  • Help – Ajuda
  • Thank you – Obrigado [Male speaker] – Obrigada [Female speaker]
  • Thank you very much! – Obrigadíssimo [Male speaker] – Obrigadíssima [Female speaker]
  • Today – Hoje
  • Tomorrow – Amanhã
  • Yesterday – Ontern
  • How much does it cost? – Quanto custa?
  • Open – Aberto
  • Closed – Fechado
  • Bank – Banco
  • Coin – Moeda
  • Money – Dinheiro
  • Bureau de Change – Casa de câmbio
  • Pound Sterling – Libra esterlina
  • Restaurant – Restaurante
  • Café – Café
  • Menu – Ementa
  • Wine list – Lista de vinhos
  • Lunch – Almoço
  • Dinner – Jantar
  • Airport – Aeroporto
  • Ticket – Bilhete


Don’t expect it to be difficult to get along in Azores if you only speak English but it won’t hurt learning a bit wouldn’t it? You’ll be amazed on the way Azoreans appreciate the gesture!

Need a bigger vocabulary? Got it! Try here.


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